I enjoy the challenge and excitement of creating something on the canvas that represents my heart and soul. My challenge is to interpret what I see, and produce a permanent visualization to be shared and enjoyed with the viewer. Sometimes an accidental mix or blending with the brush stroke produces an element of surprise and excitement. For me, that is what it is all about.
   I choose a variety of subjects, and because I love bright and brilliant colors, I often pick scenes, objects, shapes that I can “play” with on the canvas. My primary medium is oils, and I chose oils because adjustments can easily be made, and for my own personal style, the results produced when blending the different colors is amazing. I love to exaggerate the subject matter with lots of different colors – why not use violet on the tree trunks! This is what makes it exciting.
   My studies in art include the University of Wisconsin, and American River College, as well as instruction with independent local artists in the Sacramento community. I look forward to new challenges along with continued growth and success as an artist.